1. Sovereign of the Seas, 2022.  Video installation. Arts & Humanities 2022 Graduate Exhibition (group show),  Manetti Shrem Museum of Art, Davis, CA, USA 


    “Each work is based on the archival reconstruction of a woman's life through a combination of historical investigations and fictional narratives. Despite their focus on a single woman, none of these works is a biography: the documents are edited and assembled in order to shape a series of possible narratives, and the archival fragments emerge as traces of forgotten stories.” (Giovanna Zapperi, 2013. No 105 Feminist review, p.23)


    My current project - Sovereign of Seas - explores, on video installations format, the intricate intersections between  archive, sovereignty and territory, vast landscapes and the expansive landscapes that define our world, all viewed through the lens of feminist inquiry.  The project began with three postcards I found in a second hand bookstore in Buenos Aires, Argentina, my mother's hometown. The postcards had been mailed in 1993 by María Inés Barletti, an Argentinian cruise ship waitress to her lover in Argentina. The waitress shares her experience of excitement, loneliness, and exhaustion working 14 hours a day in this cruise ship in the U.S. Virgin Islands in the Caribbean. In this project, I use these found narratives as a structure for my own re-telling and fictional expansion of the correspondence. Working in collaboration with the American poet, Catherine Niu, I am expanding the postcard narrative into a story as true as imagined that takes form in a large-scale installation including photography, text, video, found objects, artist books, and, drawing. 

    Sovereign of the Seas became a frame to connect ideas and generate a multiformat visual and textual fiction around these postcards. The stamps on the postcards carry the design of the 1961 Antarctic Treaty of 1961 which links the glacier drawings that I was doing before running into the postcards. I aim to generate a dialogue between fragments of the Antarctic Treaty of 1961 text, the found postcards, poetic reinterpretations, and pictures that my father,  Jorge del Pedregal, took when he went to Antarctica in 2015. These works offer a place to engage, through a poetic language, with scattered ideas put together which reflect on women´s archives,  contemporary Antarctica, territory and sovereignty, and the intimate experience of loneliness in a vast landscape like the sea.


    Mi proyecto actual - Sovereign of Seas - explora, en formato de video instalación, las intrincadas intersecciones entre archivo, soberanía y territorio, y paisajes expansivos que definen nuestro mundo, todos vistos a través del lente de la investigación feminista. El proyecto comenzó con tres postales que encontré en una librería de libros usados en Buenos Aires,  Argentina, la ciudad natal de mi madre. Las postales habían sido enviadas por correo en 1993 por María Inés Barletti, una camarera argentina de un crucero a su amante en Buenos Aires. La camarera comparte su experiencia de emoción, soledad y agotamiento trabajando 14 horas al día en este crucero en las Islas Vírgenes de los Estados Unidos en el Caribe. En este proyecto, utilizo estas narrativas encontradas como estructura para mi propia narración y expansión ficticia de la correspondencia. Trabajando en colaboración con una poeta estadounidense, Catherine Niu, la narrativa de la postal se vuelve una historia tan real como imaginada que toma forma en una instalación a gran escala que incluye fotografía, texto, video, libros de artista, objetos encontrados y dibujo. 

    Sovereign of the Seas se convirtió en el marco para conectar ideas y generar una ficción visual y textual multiformato en torno a estas postales. Las estampillas de las postales llevan el diseño del Tratado antártico de 1961, que vincula dibujos de glaciares que estaba haciendo antes de encontrar las postales. En este proyecto busco generar un diálogo entre fragmentos del texto del Tratado Antártico de 1961,  postales,  reinterpretaciones poéticas y fotografías que tomó mi padre, Jorge del Pedregal, cuando fue a la Antártica en 2015. Estas obras ofrecen un lugar para involucrarse, a través de un lenguaje poético, con ideas dispersas reunidas que reflexionan sobre archivos de mujeres, La Antártica contemporánea, la soberanía y el territorial y la experiencia íntima de soledad en paisajes vastos como el mar.



    projection 1: A María Inés, 2022 digital video, 7’40’’ Collaboration with María Sander and Catherine Niu.

    projection 2: Sea, sound,song, 2022 digital video 6’50’’ Collaboration with Sam Rathbun, Annabeth Rosen, Graham Mcdougal, Ann Hamilton, Phillipp Byrne,  Young Suh, and Katie Peterson.


    The Antarctic Treaty, 2022. Installation: paintings, poems, found objects and artist's books by Sofía del Pedregal (Bulletin 67,  Postcards and glaciers), other books: sonnet(s) by Ulises Carrión and A voyage on the North Sea by Marcel Broodthaers.

    Postcard 41, 2022 Poem by Catherine Niu / digital print 12 x 18 inch

    Antarctic Treaty of 1961, signed December 1, 1959, 2022 Poem by Catherine Niu / 2 digital prints 12 x 18 inch (each)

    From the cabin, 2015 Photograph series by Jorge del Pedregal / digital print 12 x 18 inch (each)

    Cruise ship (1993), 2022 /  Watercolor on paper 11 x 15 inch

    Postcards on shelves, 2022 /  2 wood shelves variable dimensions

    Glacier 1, 2022 / Drawing on paper on the wall 20x25 inch

    Here vanishes there (or seven stones) poem by Sofía del Pedregal

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