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    dear sofia i am 

    listening as you translate this 

    daily i read and read, and it is listening, it is 

    to bear and bare a breast, so to speak, it is to keep 

    a b r e a s t, ab- rest... 


    arrested, arrested 

    by a light moving carefully, 

    a small good thing, as you say, 

    a rest 


    at rest, a t r e a s u r e, as you 


    just barely is enough

    barley cans, borrowed 

    smoke, haze round the moon in your eye, eyyyyy 

    and here’s to flint striking 


    a rose, unbearable what, 

    dear sofia, pop and hiss 

    can opening cold room a match catching 


    fire, fire and the liquid air 

    which only just before you wrote me, 

    dear sofia, lay still and , 


    now: embers, rough tips open, filling 

    in with shadow 


    dark trees, lashes falling slow over 

    half moon touch of branches 

    in the throat 



    Catherine Niu, 2021 




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