Construido con

  1. My practice is multidisciplinary and includes video, painting, site-specific installation, photography, and sculpture. The subjects of my work are landscape, ruins, and fragmented residual objects. Through these diverse media that are in constant dialogue, I search for depictions of contemporary landscape intervened by humans, approaching it from an aesthetic reflection of visual elements. These elements are color, shape, composition, light, and the atmosphere of a place generated by these elements. Regarding landscape, I explore and take as one of my central references a specific place which is the intersection of urban, rural, and industrial sites. This intersectional place, for me, embodies the idea of “interruptions” in a landscape. These interruptions generate a state of disorientation, where different objects seem to be part of an unplanned use of the land. That use of the land reflects the contradictions of the society that inhabits a specific space.


    Ruins is a cross-cutting subject matter within my work, from which I approach degradation of human-made constructions and objects from a contemplative gaze of beauty. I depict the beauty of the ruinous landscape through different media, designing compositions where the void is an active element in a painting or a tridimensional piece. Particularly in video format, I work with silence, slow pace, fixed-takes, and minimal music. Collaborative art-making with artists, writers, and musicians is fundamental in my practice, participating in a kind and profound dialogue that multiplies the artwork’s layers, expanding the piece in unsuspected directions.